Prime Blue Web | Save Money When Hiring a Web Designer
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Save Money When Hiring a Web Designer

When it comes to saving money, web design is a tricky topic. You want a site that is crisp, fast loading, easy to use, and shows the premium nature of your brand. But you don’t want your website to become a money pit. Additionally, the prices for web design can seem like they are all over the map. You’ve probably heard about major corporations and government agencies shoveling mountains of money into glitchy and failed sites.

Fortunately, these situations are pretty uncommon. Especially if you use a little common sense and plan ahead. Nine times out of ten, getting a website designed is painless and affordable. Here are three tips that can help you to get the best website possible without having to spend a whole bunch of money.

  • Have a solid idea of how the website will solve customers problems 
  • Have a solid idea of what the website will do, and how it will make money
  • Have a solid idea for the types of google keyword searches you want to receive


Before you ever spend a dime, come up with an idea of what you’d like your website to look like. Going into the project with a plan will save you a lot of time and money. Best of all, you don’t need to be a tech genius to figure out what looks good. Think about the nature of your website and what you are trying to accomplish with it. Are you selling something? Spreading information? Or promoting a service?

In order to come up with an idea for your site, write down a list of features that you would like to incorporate with your design. If you are stumped about what to add, go online and look at other sites that you like. What features are they using that you could incorporate into your own domain?

Additionally, you can take a piece of paper and roughly sketch out how you would like your site to look. This will give your designer a good idea of what needs to be done. It will also give you a clear goal of what you want the finished product to look like.

Look For Experience

If you want a professional website designed, you need to hire someone with experience. My first websites did not look great. After 15 years of designing websites, I know what looks good from the start. No wasted time. While there might be amateur and new designers out there who will work for less, they will be more expensive in the long run, and, not be able to generate the traffic and conversions you are looking for. Websites should be highly personal, customized and convey a tone. They should not be cookie cutter.

People who don’t have much experience with site design are likely to make more mistakes. What’s worse, is that many times they won’t know how to fix the errors that they’ve created. This is bad news or you since it means more time without a functional site and more money spent trying to repair things.

By working with a professional you are getting someone with experience to design your site. They will be able to avoid most mistakes, and any errors that do occur can be fixed quickly. This allows you to have your site finished faster, and keeps it running smoothly.

Find A Web Designer With A Relevant Portfolio

While hiring an experienced we designer is important, you should also make sure that the person you hired has a successful track record. Good designers will have a portfolio of sites. And they will be more than happy to show these to you.

Before you ever hire someone, be sure to ask them for their portfolio. Does it have projects in it that are similar to yours? Are the sites they show you ones that you like? Just because someone has built websites doesn’t mean that they will create a site that suits your needs.

Picking a designer who has created sites similar to the one you want ensures that the job goes smoothly. The person you are hiring will already know how to create your project and do so as efficiently as possible. Looking for a designer who has relevant projects in their portfolio is a great way save money while hiring someone who is qualified for the job.

Creating a great website is easier and less expensive than most people might think. In fact, there are plenty of ways to save money without sacrificing the quality of your project. And most of these strategies are incredibly simple to do.

By having a goal in mind, finding a professional to work with, and hiring someone who has completed similar projects in the past, you can save money on your site.