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Save Money When Buying a Business Logo

Having a crisp logo is a great way to improve your brand and make your business stand out. However, getting a logo designed an be expensive. Some artists charge tens of thousands of dollars for their work. Money that most start-ups and small businesses can’t afford to spend. In order to help you get the design of your dreams without breaking the bank, here’s a guide on saving money with your logo:

While a great artist can do a lot for you, it’s still important to have a design in mind before you have someone start creating your logo.

Otherwise you will end up with something you don’t want. Forming an idea for your logo is easy. Even if you aren’t a great artist you can still come up with some concepts for what you want. One idea is to look at logos you like and then use those as examples when telling your artist what to design. Another good strategy is to think about your business and then think about artwork that could help tell a story about what your company does.

Having a handful of ideas for your logo will ensure that the designer can create something you want. Otherwise they are “going in blind” and are likely to create something that will need to be redone. By having a plan you can get the logo you want on the first try. Saving you from having to pay for expensive changes or multiple drafts.

Hiring amateurs is often more expensive than getting professional assistance. Experience is key in web design.


This might not sound logical but it is true. Amateur designers often make mistakes or have trouble keeping up with your requirements. That means they have to do redesigns. These redesigns often cost you extra and take additional time.

Professionals, on the other hand, usually get the design right on the first try. They are paid to do the job correctly and on time. Additionally, many professionals understand the importance of customer service and are willing to provide you with free revisions. This is something that amateur designers will rarely do. While the concept of professionals being better than amateurs isn’t always true, there are some exceptions, it is a good rule to keep in mind.

Nine times out of ten, the professional designer will actually be cheaper to work with, in the long run, than some amateur. This is because professionals know what they are doing and take their clients very seriously. It’s always good to keep the old saying “you get what you pay for” in mind while selecting a designer.

Keep It Simple

Most people make the mistake of trying to have overly elaborate logos created. While having a very active design with lots going on it may sound like a good idea, it is expensive and hard to create. If you try to make something that is incredibly complex, expect it to be complicated to understand and not have mass appeal.

Most great logos are not that elaborate.


A corporate logo needs to convey a message, not hang in an art museum. Because of this, you can use something that is simple yet gets the point across. Keep your designs reasonable and try to use something that compliments your brand as simply and efficiently as possible. Doing this will save you money and allow people to understand your business very quickly.

When you want to save money while still getting a killer logo designed, keep your artwork as simple as possible. It will spread your message without costing you an arm and a leg.

Getting a great logo made up probably costs less than you might imagine. While it is true that some companies are charged thousands of dollars for their designs, you don’t have to pay this much. In fact, there are plenty of ways to cut costs while still getting quality work delivered. Great logos don’t have to cost a lot. In fact, there are several easy ways to save money on your designs. This means you still get the quality you deserve, but at a price you can afford.

By having a goal in mind, getting professional assistance with your project, and keeping the design simple, you can have a fantastic logo without having to overspend. Use these tips the next time you are thinking about getting a logo designed. Following this advice will save you money while getting you an amazing piece of artwork that you can brand your company with.