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web designer scams

Beware of Web Designer Rip Offs

Most web designers are good people. However, there are a few bad apples that can turn your project into a living nightmare. These people will purposely try to rip you off and squeeze every penny from your wallet. While these horrible web designers are few and far between, stumbling on one can really ruin your who experience. These bad developers can delay projects, cost you lots of money, and drive you crazy. And the worst part is, there’s often nothing that you can do to fix the situation.

Below are five common strategies that bad web designers use to steal from their customers. If you know what to look out for you can be prepared to get away from any bad deals that might hurt you and your business.

Things to look out for when hiring a web designer:

1. Promising Too Much

Many web designers accidentally get in over their heads. While this isn’t quite an intentional scam, it is dishonest. Hiring someone who is under qualified for a job means that you are likely to experience more problems with your project. This could lead to a poorly designed site, errors within the webpages, or problems with loading times. Plus a whole host of other issues that are just as frustrating. Whenever you find a web designer that you like, ask to see their portfolio. This way you can tell whether or not they are actually qualified to work with you.

2. Using Technical Jargon To Overcharge

Often times someone with a lot of technical know-how will use industry jargon to confuse customers and charge them insanely high prices. Certain mechanics, lawyers, and web designers have all been guilty of this from time to time. These people take advantage of their expertise and use it to befuddle clients into overpaying for simple services.

Instead of explaining things in a simple manner, they will purposely use insider terms to make a job sound needlessly complicated. To avoid being ripped off, ask them to explain things to you without all the technical mumbo jumbo. If they can’t, or seem like they are trying to make a task seem needlessly complicated, this is a major red flag.

3. Not Finishing The Project

Sometimes web designers will start a project and then quit halfway through. Either they get busy, are unorganized, or don’t know how to wrap things up. In any of these cases, you’re in trouble. Especially if you have to stick to a deadline. Before you start the project, make sure that your web designer can complete everything. Ask them what their scheduled is like. Also, you should set a completion date. This way they know exactly when you need the work done. Having a contract can protect clients from web designers who do not finish their work.

4. Not Signing A Contract

Before you ever hire anyone you should always make them sign a contract. This way they are legally bound to finish the project you’ve paid them for. Contracts are great tools for making sure that things get done correctly and they help prevent needless legal battles further down the line.

If a web designer refuses to sign a contract, do not hire them.

This is a massive red flag and it shows that something is amiss with the designer’s work. There’s a good chance that they would have caused problems for you at some point during the project. If someone won’t agree to your contract, consider yourself lucky. You just saved yourself from having to work with a dubious character.

5. Being Unreliable

Some people are seriously unorganized and unprofessional. This isn’t a crime per se, but it does mean that they will be wasting a lot of your time. There’s no sense in hiring someone who shows up late, doesn’t meet deadlines, can’t keep track of what needs to be done, or fails to prepare for the most basic of tasks.

If you are stuck with a web designer who seems unreliable, sit them down and tell them that their behavior is unprofessional. Be nice about this, but let them know that they need to start getting organized and staying focused. If they still can’t get their act together, look for someone more disciplined to finish the job.

The vast majority of web designers are great people. They are professional, courteous, and fair to work with. However, a small handful of designers are real scumbags. These people are looking for ways to rip clients off and overcharge them for sub-par work.

By knowing what a shady web designer looks like, you can protect your time and money. Keeping an eye out for people who are under qualified, charge too much, seem unreliable, and refuse to sign a contract, will save you from a lot of frustration.