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Lead Developer

We make ideas happen

The future is created by choice, one decision at a time. We can put ideas into practicality and make it happen. We are inspired by the businesses we helped create, families we helped to support, and by the flourishing of ideas in the online space. We specialize in the design of standard and e-commerce websites. All our websites are cross-browser and mobile compatible. We operate on both sides of the web design – we are both a client and a provider of our own services.


We have a collection of creative, analytically and technically talented virtual and in-house staff members – each with their own specialization for completing web projects, including animation effects, content production, SQL, Java script implementations and mobile website deisgn.


About me

I wear various hats at Prime Blue – Lead Developer, Brand Marketer, Magento Expert, Video Producer and the best Customer Service Person ever. I love clean, functional websites that engage the customer. I run my own websites on Prime Blue servers.

Three Steps to Launch


During the first stage of the website building process, we collect information about your project, understand the requirements, and develop a project plan. We have a thorough website planning process and interview designed to effectively collect targeted information. We create a project plan with milestones, which include dates and deadlines for the completion of certain tasks for the website project.


Before design is hard coded, we provide you with a visual mock up of what your site will look like. This will include graphics and text so you can see the design, before its coded into the system. This is where the client provides feedback on form and design changes. After the design is approved, we begin working on the build for the website. In this phase we build the actual ‘house’ of the website that will store all the content, photos and videos for your project.


Once the website is coded, we launch the website in demo mode, which allows the client to use the website and all its features as a user would. Client feedback is provided and revisions can occur. After revisions are complete, the final website is launched.


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